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A beautiful landscape increases the value of your home or commercial property and give you many years of enjoyment and service. A successful landscape begins with a top-notch design that provides a road map for the project. Depending on your needs, we will create a drafted design and manage the process from breaking ground to the desired result. If your needs are less formal, we will develop a plan after detailed discussions with you and install each element to your complete satisfaction.  

Stack Landscapers provides complete landscape design & installation for your home:  

  • New & Existing Landscape Renovations
  • Perennial Bed Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Seasonal Planting & Decorating
  • Landscape Lighting Design & Installation
  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Excavation and Trenching

New & Existing Landscape Renovations. Whether you are moving into a new home or your current landscape needs updating, we create solutions that are structurally sound and beautiful. 

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation. Landscape lighting not only adds beauty to your nighttime landscape, but it provides safety for guests and security for your home as well. We create a custom design that will highlight nighttime landscape elements and enhance the façade of your home.

Irrigation Design & Installation. After your landscape has been created and properly installed, it will be crucial for all your new plants to receive adequate water so they survive and thrive. We’ll create an efficient system that will ensure all the elements receive the hydration they need.

Perennial Bed Design, Installation & Maintenance. Perennials and the appropriate trees or shrubs add color and structure to every landscape. We’ll design a new or updated bed, prepare or amend the soil if necessary, deliver the plant material to the jobsite and plant them according to accepted industry standards. After installation, we develop a custom, comprehensive maintenance program to keep the beds looking great.

Seasonal Planting & Decorating. Every season comes with its own personality. Let us add the right plants to make your landscape ready for its closeup. Whether planting bulbs in the fall for spring beauty, winter holiday decorating, or one-of-a-kind plantings for that special occasion. Stack Landscapers will make your home reflect your personal style.

Complete Landscape Design & Installation 
Backyard, Long Valley, New Jersey
Before Renovation
Backyard, Long Valley, New Jersey
After Renovation, Above
Front Walk & Retaining Wall, Long Valley, NJ
Before Renovation
Front Walk & Retaining Wall, Long Valley, New Jersey
After Renovation
Front Walk & Steps, Sparta, NJ
Before Renovation
Backyard, Chatham, New Jersey
Front Walk & Steps, Sparta, NJ
After Renovation