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Creative Solutions to All Your Drainage Problems
Severe drainage issues created during new home construction in Pennsylvania.
Stack Landscapers installed a complete drainage system that safely carries rainwater to the existing street drain. The homeowners now have a beautiful, functional dry creek bed. 
Expert Site Analysis
Dig a trench the proper depth, width and pitch to direct water away from the affected area.
Fill the bottom of the trench with 3/4" clean gravel.
Lay solid or perforated pipe of the proper diameter to handle the water runoff.
Cover pipe & gravel with landscape fabric to keep soil out of the drain.
Grade the area at the proper pitch to direct water flow toward the new drainage system.
Sit back and enjoy your beautiful new landscape!
Steps to an Expert Drainage Solution
In Northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania we are known for beautiful mountains and numerous lakes and rivers. As great as they are for scenic views and recreation, these natural elements are also the primary cause of drainage issues. Excess water running across your property can damage your home's foundation, create wet areas and decrease your property's value. At Stack Landscapers we are experts in the design and installation of drainage systems that correct existing problems while beautifying your outdoor living space. These solutions may be as simple as installing a single underground pipe or as complex as re-routing water from underground streams or correcting improper grading during construction. We'll install surface, French drains or a combination of necessary elements to permanently solve your problems. 

Excavation & Trenching. Where warranted, our expert crews are fully equipped and experienced in excavation and trenching. Whether for drainage systems, redirecting water or moving soil to level and open up living spaces, we will do what's necessary to solve the problem or enhance your landscape.