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Disease Diagnosis & Remediation: The experts at Stack Landscapers will inspect your lawn areas for the detection of disease and insect damage. Once diagnosed, we will design a program to solve the problem. This may include:

Weed Control using proven, effective treatments such as pre-emergents and a healthy lawn weed and feed program.

Grub Control: Grubs burrow into the ground, then in the spring eat their way to the top before becoming destructive Japanese Beetles. Application of grub killer once a year will control the problem.

Insect & Disease Remediation: We will choose the proper treatment for your lawn.

Thatching, Aeration: Removing or perforating the lawn’s surface to allow water and air to penetrate for a healthy lawn. 

Renovation: Grading, Slicing, Seeding or Over-seeding, Sod Installation: These are all additional ways to help your lawn thrive. We will determine the correct method for your situation. 

Lawn Care Services
A beautiful, healthy lawn completes your landscape and provides green living space for you and your family. At Stack Landscapers we’re experts in all phases of lawn installation, care and renovation when needed. 
Mowing: Weekly or bi-weekly scheduling depending on your needs. Included in the service is mowing, trimming and edging and blow-off of hardscape areas. 
Total lawn and planting bed maintenance
Budd Lake, New Jersey
Maintenance and disease management to a healthy lawn.
Mendham, New Jersey