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Landscape Bed Maintenance including Perennials Plantings: Your home looks its best when all the plantings are weed free, trimmed and the mulch looks its best. 

Mulching & Bed Preparation: Expert bed preparation is the key to healthy plantings. We add topsoil and/or compost to improve the soil quality and plant your garden with care. For the finishing touch, we apply weed pre-emergent followed by 2-3 inches of mulch to help prevent the bed from drying out and keep weeds under control.

Property Cleanup:
  • Spring: After a long winter of snow, ice and wind, your landscape needs some TLC and a kick-start for the upcoming summer season. Our spring cleanup services include leaf & branch removal with pruning (if needed); fertilization, pre-emergent weed control applied to your lawns and beds and mulch replacement if needed.
  • Fall: The care and preventative measures provided in the fall will help your landscape survive the winter for a healthy spring start. Our services include leaf removal; winter fertilization of your lawn and the application of an anti-desiccant on certain trees and shrubs to prevent water loss over the winter. 

Pruning Services: Proper and prudent pruning of trees and shrubs in your landscape is essential to keep them healthy. At Stack Landscapers we are knowledgeable in proper pruning practices. We develop a plan for your property, periodically inspect your plant material, and expertly remove any dead or diseased branches.

Deer Browsing Control: As most New Jersey residents know, deer browsing has become a huge problem causing damage to almost every planting. We develop a plan for regular spraying to help keep them away. If needed, our qualified crew can install a fence at the proper height to keep the deer on the outside looking in.

Holiday Decorating: As the seasons change, we design additional decor for your home in the form of plantings, containers or greenery. For spring color we can plant bulbs in the fall so you can have a beautiful spring display. Ask our team to design something special for you. 
Full Service Landscape Management
At Stack Landscapers we know that your landscape is not just a lawn, patio or water feature. For 26 years we’ve earned our reputation as a full-service, expert property management company. We design a program specifically for your property to incorporate a combination of all or any of the services below:
Planting & Maintenance
Califon, New Jersey
Bed Preparation & Planting
Sparta, New Jersey